Olive Tree Counselling offers therapy for 7-18-year-olds ONLINE. 

It specialises in helping children/young people to manage and re- connect with their feelings.

 They may be experiencing depression, disassociation, anxiety, panic-attacks or low self-esteem. 

Creative-arts counselling can tap into the unconscious parts of us that words alone can’t always reach. Child counselling provides a space for the child to self-discover, process difficult feelings and develop in their well-being.

Why the name Olive Tree?

At the heart of the Olive Tree sits a thick and unique looking trunk. 

We can see its hard work and the journey it's been on in order to build a resilience to any kind of rot or sickness.

If a child is given the space to process stress and be supported therapeutically to recover from trauma, then great, thick resilience can grow. 

We now know that there are links between emotional trauma in child and adolescent years and long-term mental health issues. 

Children’s brains are still developing which makes them much easier to heal and rewire than adult brains.

 The Olive Branch is a symbol from ancient Greek mythology of peace.

Olive Tree Counselling provides a therapeutic relationship. 

Your child can practice their vulnerable self and learn new ways of being that can help set them up for healthier relationships in the future. 


About Me

I am a qualified Child & Adolescent Counsellor who trained at the Institute of Art, Therapy and Education for three years. 

I am a certified Online and Telephone Counsellor. 

I am a registered counsellor with BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) as well as ACTO (Association for Counselling and Therapy Online) and undertake weekly supervision from a highly experienced child psychotherapist. 

I regularly partake in a wide range of CPD courses to develop in my professional practice, including continual Online Safety Awareness. 

I am fully insured, paediatric first-aid trained and carry an enhanced DBS check.


My therapeutic model is integrative, which means that I can call upon a variety of modalities that would best suit the needs of the individual client.

The work is child-lead and creative-arts based with the application from a variety of theories and neurosciences.


Before working in private practice, I acted as a volunteer counsellor for a charity in Croydon working with young people. I was a volunteer creative-arts therapist in a primary and secondary school in south west London.

I have volunteered with child-refugees and female victims of human trafficking in central London as a therapeutic support worker.

I spent three years volunteering with a charity in the Philippines as an outreach and residential worker, supporting street children, teenage victims of sexual abuse, substance misuse, family/sibling separation and loss.


I spent five years as an international private nanny, working with play, attachment, child-observations, promoting the message of 'The Good Enough Parent', supporting children through loss and creating my own children's stories. 

Certified Online & Telephone Counsellor (Counselling Tutor)

Post Graduate Diploma in Child Counselling (I.A.T.E)

Foundation Course in the Therapeutic and Educational Application of the Arts (I.A.T.E)

Certificate in Counselling Skills Continued (I.A.T.E)

Certificate in Therapeutic Mentoring (Trauma Recovery Centre, Bath)


Child Counselling



I use Minecraft to meet children in a safe online space that is fun, engaging and creative.
I very quickly learn about your child;  how they think, face difficulties, relate to others and project their inner world into an outer one. 
Using similar tools from in person meeting to online. 
Your child will be invited into a world that I create, save and own.



Paint can be a powerful tool to express feelings from the unconscious realm. With no rules, nor interpretation, the child is free to be creative and give a clearer picture of what is really going on in their inner world.



A child can bring their own written word to a session to help construct and verbalise their feelings to the therapist. Lyrics from a song or words written by a figure on social media can be a way for children and young people to find validation and understanding. 

Sand Tray.jpg
178d236edcdea6c155e3 (1).png


The Sand Tray/Virtual Sand Tray acts as a visual and sensory way for a child to tell their story. The child can use figures to represent characters or feelings. The therapist will then use play to explore the feelings further.



Clay is a fascinating tool that can trigger bodily sensations related to past-trauma in the body.

It can help regulate the brain and is used as a grounding technique.

Clay can be used as a safe and effective way of expressing feelings of anger.



By using therapeutic books and creating stories a child can feel truly heard and understood.

This can allow them to carry on with struggles in life with an added element of ease and acceptance. 

role play.jpg


Role play or looking at an avatar/character that the child has created or is playing online, gives an opportunity to explore the child's fantasy and online world.

It can help children work things out from the past and/or imagine what another world/life could be like.



Music taps into the unconscious where feelings can lay dormant or stuck, it can therefore be a powerful tool for expressing what words alone cannot always do.

Music is therapeutic as it releases chemicals in the brain that can heal trauma, anxiety and depression. 

Puppet 2.jpg


Puppets/Toys allow the child to explore parts of themselves that may be hidden or stuck and would like to be explored. Experimenting with different personalities and feelings can be an important part of their healing journey. Using puppets/ toys can be very fun and activates the same chemicals in the brain that play does.


Next Steps

Baby Feet
Baby Feet
Baby Feet
Baby Feet
Baby Feet
Baby Feet

 I offer a free 20 minute consultation. This would be a chance for you and your child/young person to see what working with me would look like.

It would also be a time for me to find out more about why your child/young person wishes to receive counselling at this time and if I would be the right counsellor for them. 


Sessions are £55. If you would like to find out about current availability, please contact Natalie by phone, email or in the Contact Me box below. 

If you are on a low income I have two slots that are at a lower rate. Please feel free to get in touch to see if these are currently available.  

Sessions are weekly (this is open to change) at the same time, 50 minutes in duration and are open ended depending on what is best for the child/adolescent.  

If you are a child/adolescent and interested in getting counselling for yourself please contact Natalie by either phone, email, Facebook or Instagram links at the top of the page.

You will need to have a parent/carer that agrees for you to have counselling with Natalie in order to go ahead.

I look forward to hearing from you. 

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